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feeling amazing

About a month or so ago I noticed my energy level was extremely low. I was always tired and didn’t have the mental or physical energy to complete the goals I needed to accomplish. I started to become concerned because I could feel myself starting a downward spiral of health issues.

While reading Brendon Burchard’s book, “The Charge” he points out that if you eat less food, you get more done.

I’ve never been in bad shape, but I have often neglected my daily regiment because it really didn’t feel that necessary. Recently, I’ve started watching what I eat and started a daily discipline of exercise.

When I began eating less and doing a little exercise, I’ve been amazed at the rise in my energy level. So why did I change my habits? I’ve always known that people should eat smart and exercise. I’ve known that healthy people are more productive and happier. Here’s the answer: PEOPLE DON’T CHANGE ON WHAT THEY KNOW, THEY CHANGE ON WHAT THEY FEEL. I felt the loss on energy. I felt the unhappiness of being unproductive.

Have you every suggested to anyone you lead a way to alter their behavior for the better, and have them answer, “I know”. The “I know” response means, they aren’t changing. As a leader you have to find a way to make your people FEEL how the change will help them. As a sales consultant, you have to develop a way to make your customers FEEL the benefits of your product or service. Sometimes unfortunately, they have to feel pain or loss before you can trigger an action.

As an influencer of change, how can you make others FEEL their way to success?

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