Crank Up Your Confidence


A man went to a local hardware store looking for a new chainsaw.  He began browsing the chainsaw section and one of the reps of the store came over.  He showed him a few of the lower end models.  The man said he was looking for a little more.  The rep told the man he had the top of the line chainsaw and presented it to him.


The rep told him he would be able to cut ten loads of wood.  The man told him how impressed he was and that he couldn’t imagine cutting that much.  He was sold.  The man bought the chainsaw and took it home.   A couple days later, the man brought the chainsaw back to the store.


He wanted to return it.  The rep asked why he was unhappy with his purchase.  The man told the rep it didn’t perform like he said it would.  He couldn’t even cut on load of wood, let alone ten.  He told the rep he could cut four loads with a regular handsaw.


The rep told him how odd that was and asked if they could go around the back of the store and try it out and see what could be wrong.  The man agreed and they went out back.  The rep walked over to a pile of wood.  The man was right on his heels, anxious to find out was wrong.


The rep asked him to step back and then pulled the cord cranking the engine.  The chainsaw roared.  RRRRRN  RRRRRRN RRRRRRN RRRN RRRRRRRRN RRRRRRRRRN RRRRRRRN RRRRRRRN. 


The man jumped back holding his ears, “WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THAT NOISE?!   WHAT IS THAT?!”


The man had been trying to cut the piles of wood without cranking the engine of the chainsaw.  No wonder it didn’t cut.  How exhausting that must have been.   Trying to cut wood without cranking the engine is like trying to walk through life attempting to be successful without having confidence.


What is that special something that gives you that edge that sets you apart?  Why are you special?  Whatever it is, wear it like a badge of honor.  Be confident.  Who are you not to be?

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  1. Moral of the story..always give full instructions to the buyer, with demonstration. Secondly,always know what you buy :)) .
    You maybe average and without edge but hard work with eagerness to acquire knowledge , will make you successful in life and work.

    • True. Sometimes we assume the other person has the same technical knowledge we have. Just because we work with something everyday, doesn’t mean they do. Have a good day.

  2. Great story Cranston. We need to know how our tools work in order to get the most out of them :)

  3. I hope I’ve got my chainsaw roaring as I wade through the woodpiles of life! Thanks for that analogy, Cranston!

  4. For me it is the drive to learn something every day. This makes me confident. With today’s technology and resources anything is possible.

  5. Hi Cranston, thank you for this. It reminds me of how we in frustration keep asking the whys on how we fail, but forgetting that we have the tools we need to succeed and navigate life. I think my comment is encrypted and doesn’t make sense but my devotion this morning was similar to the story and reading your post is a confirmation. God bless you.

  6. I enjoyed the story you used to illustrate your point. It vividly reminds me to crank up my confidence. I agree, confidence is a good thing. It is attractive as long as it doesn’t tip over to arrogance. The source of confidence is also important… if your source isn’t solid, you can swing like a yoyo from day to day.

  7. Our Lord and Savior gives me confidence. Otherwise, life is very disappointing. Thank you for the reminder! And thank you for your support.

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